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Driving engagement for residents, owners, tenants and employees  

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About us is an integrated toolset that connects building, residential and retail occupiers with services that engage them to get better use of building assets and services. The solution reflects your brand and provides a VIP experience for every user.

Drive engagement with your members, residents, employees, tenants, contractors and guests.​

We support 

  • Mobile integrated video intercoms

  • Whole of building access control and integration to security

  • Car, motorbike, Electric Vehicle and bicycle management

  • Locker and end-of-trip facility services

  • Integrated property and facilities management reporting, tracking and remediation

  • Community offers, noticeboard, announcements and compliance support

  • Bookable services and ability to create and price multiple products

  • Integration to induction, terms and conditions and compliance management for all access is your one-stop-shop for seamless integration of hardware and software including all smart devices, Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, access controllers and a simple, re-brandable mobile app to engage all occupiers. Guests and visitors can be included via web, emails or SMS without needing the app.

​Available for residential, retail, hotels, commercial and industrial the solution fixes today’s challenges within large precincts and assets, and creates a foundation for ongoing, better engagement.

Property developers and owners

Provide a more engaging interface to your building assets using

Setup your sites with a simple to use portal and offer access to all onsite facilities, services and essential documentation via the app.

Make services bookable and collect payments in real-time to drive asset utilisation and reduce conflicts.

Access your asset reports and data to drive improvement and assess future planning needs.

Residents and tenants

Engage better by managing, booking and sharing building assets, facilities, parking and precinct services.

Connect with the local community and events and see local transport options.

Capture any report any issues onsite in the app and have these tracked through to resolution with perfect progress communications at every step.

Include the intercom system and your intercom will connect directly to your mobile phone so you can see video in real time of visitors, deliveries and guests – with zero anxiety about missing a delivery if you are enjoying building facilities and retail.

Businesses, employees and contractors

Self-manage building, lift and office access – and fully integrate bookable end of trip facilities including lockers, bikes, parking and EV recharging.

Create flexible workspaces with bookable hot-desks, meeting rooms and facilities.

Simplify and improve safety for reception and deliveries using the mobile-video integrated intercom system and audit-level logging of all access.

Provide a foundation for shared economy services in your workspace – dynamic seat allocations, hotdesks, bookable services, facilities and meeting rooms.

Manage events and make your spaces more flexible with real-time payments for bookings and allocations.

Retail and on premises services drives engagement between retail operators and residents, tenants and employees within their building or precinct. Every occupant can receive offers deals and VIP treatment via the app, activating ongoing connections between retail, food and service offerings and their local market.

Retail can also offer visitor and guest parking and end of trip services, validation, employee access control and parking and the promotion of events.

Guests and visitors

Whether the invited guests are visiting family members, attending a meeting or a potential customer, ensures that they can plan their trip, usage of facilities, parking and services to reduce stress and improve the overall experience.


Guests can use the app, email or SMS invitations to access bookable services for each building with self-service support for changes, updates and alerts.

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